When you here an advertisement on Commercial Radio,
your listening to a Commercial

When you here an advertisement on Community Radio,
your listening to a Sponsorship Announcement!!!

For all intensive purposes, A Sponsorship Announcement is what we as Community Radio Broadcasters are required to call an advertisement when selling or rewarding a business for their support by promoting a product or service they offer.

A Sponsorship Announcement can be exactly the same as heard on Commercial Stations, however Community Broadcasters must make note that the business is a sponsor of AIR-FM. We can use exactly the same announcement that is played on commercial stations, but must make note to the listener that a businesses products or services heard on air are sponsors of AIR-FM. We do this by making special notice at the end of each announcement with a thank you to our sponsors. That's it, No More Difficult than that. We can play any advertisement produced by any company as long as we add the special notice at the end of the announcement... It couldn't be easier.

AIR-FM, in serving the Nepean Region, has a potential listening audience of 240,000 residents, over 10,000 community groups, and over 6,000 small businesses through to large companies all located within our service area. This doesn't include areas outside our designated service area that we may fortuitously cover. Including the outside areas, that receive AIR-FM, the potential audience jumps to in excess of 400,000 listeners!!!

As Community Radio Broadcasters are only entitled to 4 Minutes per hour (8 x 30 Second Announcements) demand for AIRtime is quite high and with AIR-FM's economical rates, even the smallest of small businesses has the ability to promote their product to a larger audience.

If you are looking for a low cost way to inform people about your product or business, why don't you try sponsoring AIR FM, your local community radio station.

AIR-FM also believe that the more you spend the more you'll save, we can tailor make a sponsorship package to suit your needs. You will very surprised how little it can cost!

If you'd like more information on how you can support Community Radio within the Nepean Region and have your product or service exposed to the growth centre of Sydneys West at the same time, you can contact Ross Hutchison, our sponsorship coordinator, for further information on 02 9623 1900.

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