16-May-1999: All pages have been updated.

15-May-1999: Updated the schedule and added two presenter profiles to the schedule. Links area updated.

12-May-1999: Updated main page and tour

09-May-1999: Updated program schedule, sponsorship page, and main page

30-Apr-1999: Updated schedule and presenter profiles

28-Mar-1999: Updated the schedule and presenter profiles

21-Mar-1999: Updated schedule, added more presenter profiles (6) and added a list of AIR FM's sponsors. Coverage Area information now complete and station tour now fully operational. Upcoming events page now on-line

28-Feb-1999: Updated schedule, added presenter profile and corrected faulty links on profiles. Added a new link

26-Feb-1999: Station History now on-line

25-Feb-1999: Altered program schedule, added several presenter profiles and photgraphs to schedule.

20-Feb-1999: Changed Program Schedule Information. Membership information now on-line.

26-Jan-1999: Total site rebuild, added coverage area, station history and upcoming events. Changed sponsorship, membership, community notices areas.

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