What is community radio?

Community Radio is a means by which a local community can gain access to the broadcast medium, providing the ability to promote local events, talent, awareness and support within a region.

Community Radio in Australia is controlled by the Australian Broadcasting Authority, an agency of the Department of Communication who allocate spectrum, allotted by the Australian Communications Authority, for use by community radio services.

What else is there to know about AIR FM?

AIR-FM is an Aspirant Community Radio Broadcaster operated by the Nepean Riverlands Community Radio Association, a non-profit, volunteer run organisation, currently conducting broadcasts inline with the ABA's policies for Aspirant Community Broadcasters, everyday.

AIR-FM will continue to provide access to the medium and will actively petition for a fulltime license within the Nepean Region until the ABA finalise the LAP and consider applications for fulltime licences.

Currently AIR-FM Broadcast 24 hours, 7 days per week with a Temporary Community Broadcasting License.

As a non profit, volunteer run organisation, AIR-FM is always seeking the support of interested members of the community, be it volunteers lending a hand in the operations of the station, community groups using our organisation as a tool promoting and publicising their efforts, or local business in supporting community radio by assisting with sponsorship for the stations longterm operations.


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