Presidents Message

Welcome to the AIR FM Web Page! I hope that you enjoy this site and take time to visit us in real space at our studios located at 602 Great Western Highway Werrington, NSW Australia.

AIR FM, which stands for Access and Information Radio, is a Community Radio Station run by the Nepean Riverlands Community Radio Association (NRCRA). Anyone can be a member and we are all volunteers, no one gets paid.

The NRCRA is a community based non profit association made up of local residents. The aim of the NRCRA is to provide a community based service that reflects the needs of the local community. This means local information for local people provided by locals.

The NRCRA was formed in December 1992 by a group of local radio enthusiasts. I had the privilege of being on the Steering Committee for the association and have remained on board ever since. Most people who get bitten by the community radio bug ever leave for long.

The NRCRA was Incorporated in 1993 and commenced Test Broadcasting on 17th September 1993 from the University of Western Sydney – Kingswood Campus.

At that time Community Radio Aspirants were allowed to broadcast, on low power, for up to 90 days per year. AIR FM continued on that license from 1994 till last year when we were awarded a Temporary Community Radio Broadcasting License (TCBL).

The TCBL allows AIR FM to broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the License Application Process ( LAP ) is completed in this region. The NRCRA expect that this process will be completed early 2000.

To gain a full time community radio license for the Nepean region the NRCRA needs your support. You can send support letters to PO Box 694 Kingswood NSW 2747, or e mail at the above address.

To continue this community initiative the NRCRA also needs the support of the local business community who can assist AIR FM by Sponsoring the station. Sponsorships are beneficial for all involved and help businesses target to a local audience.

Thanks for your time. I hope to see you around the station.

For more information contact the station on 9623 1900.

Rick Wiezel

President NRCRA

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