Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Suburb: Cambridge Park

Program: Total Music Madness
Program Time Slot: Sunday, 2 PM till 5 PM
Program Description: Mostly 90s stuff, ranging from pop to dance, alternative / rock to easy listening. You'll hear it all in 3 hours.

Tell us a bit about yourself: Um..... handsome (in another lifetime!), 5 foot something, still single and I'm currently studying education at UWS Nepean.

Hobbies & Interests: Music, travelling, radio and surfing the net (I'm currently designing a web site for Total Music Madness). I also enjoy watching a bit of South Park (long live Kenny!!!)

Ambitions: Hopefully the next John Laws (yeah right!!), but in more realistic terms, my ambition is not to be the next Mr Garrison! (South Park viewers will know what I mean)

What is the meaning of life?: I can hardly dress myself (according to the production department!), so what makes you think that I can come up with an answer to a complex question like that!! :)

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