Community Groups Looking for Exposure!!!

Here's your chance to have your organisation and it's upcoming events or programs promoted on radio within the Nepean Region!

What is a Community Service Announcement?

A Community Service Announcement is a regularly scheduled or irregular announcement, depending on the information and content, broadcast free of charge by AIR-FM for groups and organisations promoting community awareness, safety or information of general community benefit. This announcement can be read live for special events or broadcast similar to an advertisement on a regular basis inline with an organisations promotional campaign.

Can my group have an AIR-FM Community Service Announcement?

AIR-FM strive to support as many community organisations as possible through community service announcements, however are required to examine carefully the submissions received to make sure that the requests are not in breach of statute legislations and are in supporting the concept of community awareness and promotion.

The following list is a sample of the criteria required by AIR-FM for a community organisation wishing to submit information for announcement.

    Any Community Organisation, operated as a non profit venture, for the sole benefit of raising the awareness of the community to a particular cause or interest, may submit information for Community Service Announcements provided no member of the organisation requesting the announcement gains personally from the announcement.

    Any Government or Statuatory Authority, and or entities thereof are entitled to submit information for A Community Service Announcement, providing that no third party gains personally from the announcement.

    Any Community Interest Group is entitled to submit information for a Community Service Announcement providing that no third party benefits from the announcement.

    A Business or Privately operated profit making organisation is entitled to submit information for a community service announcement when that organisation is running on behalf of a non profit community group a product or promotional campaign, and the business entity receives no remuneration for their involvement in the venture or from the sale of products as described in the announcement.

    Schools, Church Groups and other community organisations not necessarily operated for profit or charity are also entitled to submit information for Community Service Announcements Sometimes organisations send information to AIR-FM regarding events outside the service area. AIR-FM gives priority to organisations within our region and to organisations actively promoting awareness within the region, however will do its best to promote an out of region organisation or event depending on availability of air time.

(All Community Service Announcement Submissions received by AIR-FM will be examined and enacted upon as soon as possible, however AIR-FM cannot guarantee how frequently the announcement may be aired. )

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