Age: 68
Suburb: Leonay
Occupation: DVA Pensioner / Community Radio DJ

Program: So Rare
Program Time Slot: 2 PM till 3 PM Wednesdays
Program Description: Nostalgia from 78 RPM discs

Tell us a bit about yourself: Born in Sydney on the 26th of August 1930. RAAF 1949 - 1966 Sargent. QA MPSS 1966 - 1983, reached approximately same rank as RAAF. Started on AIR FM December 1993 and still with Hawkesbury Radio since September 1990.

Hobbies & Interests: Formerly electronics until transistors came along. Car repairs, but health now too bad for that. Top Hobby: providing entertainment not only for seniors as I have younger listeners.

Ambitions: See AIR FM gain a full time licence and continue to improve my program

What is the meaning of life?: To leave it better than it was before you were born. (Religion not a necessary ingredient.

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